3 Fragen an Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the painfully alone)


Mr. Ashworth, I saw your show in Berlin. You were  playing on a black Casio-Keyboard with a missing key. Where did you lose it?

I don’t remember where I lost the missing key, because I tend to lose keys pretty often.

Which means, that you need a lot of keyboards!?

Yes, I’m on my fifth or sixth Casio SK-1, and I use them until they are too broken to play my songs on. I try to buy them whenever I come across them, since I will inevitably need another one eventually. I have a back-up at home right now.

Do you still use to write your songs on the small Casio-Keyboard?

Most of my early songs were written on Casios, and I still use Casios pretty often when I’m working on new songs and arrangements.  Lately I’ve found piano and autoharp to be more inspiring songwriting instruments. kostja.



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