3 Fragen an Jacob Graham von Holiday Records.

Jacob Graham(rechts) spielt bei Horse Shoes und The Drums


Jacob, your Label Holiday Records offers Music for free. How does this work?

Holiday Records simply works by us asking artists that we love, if they’d like to release a free download with us.

Why do you offer the music for free?

Holiday Records wasnt’t started because we firmly believed in the idea of free music, it was started out of love and necessity. When we started the Label in the spring of 2009, we didn’t have any money. The hardest part of starting a record label is start-up costs, so we just decided to bypass that. It didn’t cost us anything to give the music away for free and by not making any money it wouldn’t effect the way we ran things. Wheather something was going to sell well or not has never been an issue, so the whole thing has always been straight from our heart.

Do you think illegal downloads ruin artists?

Even if we certainly don’t support illegal downloads, I think that if an artist has something special, nothing can ruin them except of themselves. I think if an artist would give a few songs away for free there wouldn’t be so many illegal downloads floating around. There would be less illegal downloads and the public would love them for giving them a free gift.

Thanks Jacob!


Holiday Records


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