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Mumblecore is an American independent film movement that arose at the turn of the twenty-first century. It is primarily characterized by ultra-low budget production (often employing digital video cameras), focus on personal relationships between twenty-somethings, improvised scripts, and non-professional actors. Filmmakers in this genre include Lynn Shelton, Andrew Bujalski, Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Aaron Katz, Joe Swanberg, and Barry Jenkins.

The term „mumblecore“ was coined by Eric Masunaga, a sound editor who has worked with Bujalski. Masunaga coined the term one night at a bar during the 2005 South by Southwest Film Festival, but it was Bujalski who first used it in an interview with indieWIRE. The directors of the films are sometimes referred to collectively as „mumblecorps,“ as in press corps. Film journalists have also used the terms „bedhead cinema“, and „Slackavetes,“ a reference to independent film director John Cassavetes and Richard Linklater’s dialogue heavy, lo-fi 90s film Slacker.

New York-based Benten Films, a boutique DVD label run by film critics, has championed such mumblecore titles as Swanberg’s LOL, and Katz’s first two films: Dance Party USA and Quiet City (Quelle: Wiki). kostja.